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Methods of Input

When using our web pages to update your vehicle schedule, you have three options in terms of the way in which you notify changes to us:

On-Line/Individual Keying

This option allows users to make amendments to just one vehicle, or small numbers of vehicles, at a time. As a rough guide it is suitable for anyone needing to make up to ten changes a week, and is therefore our recommended method of input for most policyholders.

File Upload

This option allows users to transmit a file of data relating to a number of different vehicles. You should be aware though that such a file must only contain details of additions and amendments, as opposed to your whole vehicle schedule. Remember that you need to upload a file of changes regularly to make sure that you comply with the timescale requirements.

Compare and Amend

This option is similar to File Upload in that it allows the bulk transfer of data, but differs from File Upload insofar as it enables users to send a details of their whole schedule. If you opt to use Compare and Amend though, you must make sure that you upload a fresh snapshot of your schedule every time that a change occurs. Compare and Amend is only suitable for policyholders who are able to submit their whole schedule from a single file, but is more sophisticated than File Upload in terms of interpreting On and Off Dates from the date of file submission.

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